Even after Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot opened a direct front against the pilot, the Congress doors are not closed for Sachin Pilot. There is still room for reconciliation in the Congress. This is the reason why only half an hour after Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot made serious allegations against Pilot, Congress leader Randeep Surjewala said that Sachin Pilot should come back ‘home’ and talk openly on the party forum. It is clear that Congress still wants to give scope to Sachin Pilot and his supporting legislators.

Sachin Pilot Congress Returned Jaipur Compromise CM Ashok Gehlot Surjewala

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had said that our deputy CM Sachin Pilot himself was making a deal to topple the Rajasthan government. Our MLAs are being lured by money. I have proof. The leaders involved in the conspiracy themselves were giving clarification. In this way, Gehlot has made all the allegations directly on the pilot. After making a statement in the media, Gehlot had proceeded from his car towards the house that on the way he gets a call and then turns around and comes back to the hotel. After ten minutes of this Randeep Surjewala comes to the fore and advises Sachin Pilot to come back to Jaipur and talk on the party forum.

Randeep Surjewala said that the BJP has given up arms in Rajasthan. The BJP’s conspiracy has failed. He also said that the Congress had told Sachin and his colleagues that they could put their point in the party forum. In this case, the pilots come back home and talk openly. The paths of return to the family are open. Surjewala, referring to the attitude of Sachin Pilot in the whole matter, said that the party told Sachin and his colleagues that the party can put its point in the forum.

He said, ‘We asked him to come back again and again. We said that the top leadership of the Congress is ready to listen to them with an open heart. We told him to come to the meeting and keep his point. Prove the majority and take your rights. Congress supported him from an early age. Sonia Gandhi encouraged Sachin Pilot from the beginning. Even in the last five days, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi opened all the doors and said that you come back.

Surjewala told the MLAs who came out in support of him on the pilot, ‘If you love Congress, then where in the hotel you are in, say that you love Congress. We took action with heavy heart yesterday after waiting for five days. He said that through media, Sachin Pilot said that he does not want to go to BJP. So I say that you come out of the clutches of BJP and Haryana’s Khattar government. Get out of ITC Grand and Lemon Tree. Get everyone out of the clutches of Haryana Police.

He said that his family should come to Congress and keep their point. It can be clearly understood that the Congress has still opened its doors for the return of Pilot and his supporting MLAs. In such a situation, it has to be seen whether Pilot and his supporting MLAs will accept this invitation to return to the Congress.

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