Seeing the increasing cases of Kovid, the actor said- Vaccination of all people above 25 years and above should be announced.

Actor Sonu Sood has requested the Health Ministry to allow all people aged 25 years and above to get vaccinated amidst growing cases of Kovid. On Thursday, he wrote on social media tagging the Health Ministry of the Government of India, “With the number of cases increasing, even children are getting infected with a large number of viruses, now the time has come for 25 years and her Vaccination for all the above people should be announced. Most of the cases I have come across are young. “

Free Vaccination Drive launched on Wednesday \

Sonu has launched a corona vaccination drive in view of Kovid’s crisis. On Wednesday, at a hospital in Amritsar, Sonu got himself vaccinated with Corona and wrote on social media, “I have taken the vaccine today and now is the time to get the whole country vaccinated. The biggest vaccination campaign ‘Sanjeevani’ has started, which is awareness Will spread and get our people vaccinated. “

What did Sonu say about vaccination drive

Regarding the vaccination drive, it is called ‘Sanjeevani: A Shot of Life’, it is the largest free vaccination drive in the country. I launched this vaccination drive, because I think it is very important to bring awareness to people. They are still thinking about whether to get vaccinated or not. Family members should send their elders to be vaccinated. This will help them to survive in the near future.

Fear is overcome, so I put it in front of everyone

Sonu further said “we are in many districts and villages of Punjab and other states of the drive. Now awareness is low, people are still thinking that they vaccine Equip or not So that’s why I got the vaccine in front of everyone. And try to give this message, don’t think twice. We have to do a lot of camps. This is a campaign, through which we are trying to bring awareness. “


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