The Supreme Court has handed over the investigation to the CBI in the case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death under suspicious circumstances. In this case, there was a tussle between the Mumbai and Bihar Police for two months. In this case, politics is also happening in both the states. In such a situation, will it be easy for the CBI to get to the bottom of this case? After all, what are the 10 questions whose answers can be a challenge for the CBI? In this case, where did the Mumbai Police and Bihar Police default? Uttar Pradesh East Director General of Police (DGP) Vikram Singh.

According to Eastern DGP Vikram Singh, the challenge before the CBI is the challenge in the Sushant case. In the events of June 14, the Supreme Court today approved the CBI investigation. However, the CBI had started work a few days in advance. The case has been over two months. During this time, the side effects that had to be inflicted on the evidence and the witnesses and the attempt to influence them, has been done to a large extent.

Sushant’s phone was given to the forensic investigation 25 days later. Where can the world go in such a day? Witnesses were affected during this day. There are some witnesses who are in danger of life. The five doctors who did Sushant’s post-mortem have now gone underground. In the Disha Salian case, Mumbai police said the files were deleted. All these circumstances indicate that the Mumbai Police is hiding a lot in this case, which needs to be disclosed.

Role of mumbai police

According to former UP DGP Vikram Singh, Mumbai Police is standing like a rock in this case that no one can reach the truth. Mumbai Police has made every effort to hide the truth. The Mumbai Police has not registered an FIR till date in the case, it is investigating just like this. There is hardly any such big case in India, in which such a long investigation has gone without FIR. Whether it is Indira Gandhi murder case or Beant Singh murder case or any big case, no investigation has been conducted without such FIR for 66 days. So why did the Mumbai Police not file any report in this case for 66 days? Any case is investigated when an FIR is registered, which has not been done yet. The Mumbai Police photographed the mauka-e-crime, but did not show it anywhere.

Mumbai police reached the conclusion without investigation

The biggest thing is that the Mumbai Police officers leave from the chance-e-incident (Sushant’s house) on the day of the incident and immediately say that it is suicide. Without investigation, without seeing the post mortem report and without seeing the report, how can a police officer tell this? This means that they had already reached their minds. He wanted nobody to get to the bottom of the case. He stood like a rock in front of the truth. In order to spread more confusion, Mumbai Police started spreading the story through the media. Sushant Kau was declared mentally ill (Bipolar) by the Mumbai Police. Since when did the police get the right to start working as a psychiatrist. Had this case been of any other state, the whole police station, including the investigating officer, would have been suspended by so much negligence. What is the reason that despite negligence on negligence, no action is being taken against the officers of Mumbai Police?

Mumbai Police is negligent since day one

Despite the evidence such as CCTV footage and call recording, Mumbai Police has been negligent in this case since day one. This is the reason why even after the incident, a girl reached an opportunity. A boy ran away with a black bag and the Mumbai Police allowed all this to happen. But why? A few days before Sushant’s death, Disha Salian also died in suspicious circumstances on 8 June. Why did the Mumbai Police not reconcile the facts of these two cases? Who is that AU caller, with whom Riya Chakraborty has had several conversations? After the death of Sushant, the same phone number was changed to SU instead of AU. Why couldn’t the Mumbai police find this caller till now? Why forensic investigation of call details of people associated with the case including Sushant was not conducted?

Role of Bihar Police

According to former DGP Vikram Singh, Bihar Police has also made some omissions in this case. It is true that Sushant’s father complained. The Bihar police should have filed a zero FIR on the complaint. Even he is right. But Bihar Police itself reached Mumbai to investigate the case, it was wrong. The Bihar police had no right to investigate. He should have sent a zero FIR to Mumbai, because the officer of investigation belongs to Mumbai Police. Meaning, Bihar Police is half right and half wrong in this case.

CBI is the only option

Apart from the CBI, there were other options in this case, but it would have been investigated with clarity. The facts are properly investigated. The police of both the states used to cooperate with each other. If the Bihar police had gone to investigate there, the Mumbai police should have cooperated. They should have provided all necessary facilities and information for investigation. They should have made arrangements for their accommodation. In contrast, the Mumbai Police quarantined a senior officer of the Bihar Police. The Mumbai Police did not cooperate, but set an example of non-cooperation. This was very wrong and unprofessional attitude of Mumbai Police.

Why investigation is necessary in Sushant case

According to former IPS officer Vikram Singh, ‘There are many such facts and things in the Sushant case, which should be investigated honestly. If someone presses, threatens, intimidates or insults someone so much that they are forced to commit suicide, then it is also a crime. My experience says that something similar happened with actor Sushant Singh Rajput. In such a situation, that criminal must be identified, who forced Sushant to take this step.

Maharashtra government and Mumbai police both slapped

Vikram Singh believes that the Mumbai Police is a very good and capable force of the country, but in the Sushant case, like the investigation, there is obviously a lot of political pressure on the police. Then the Mumbai Police did so. Otherwise the Mumbai Police does not do this. The Mumbai Police has successfully investigated many big cases like Mumbai Blast. The approval of the CBI probe by the Supreme Court is a slap on the cheek of both the government and the Mumbai Police.


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