Sunit Lahiri’s son Krish Pathak’s new music video ‘Jante Kya Bhai‘ has been released. Supporting the son’s new song, Sunil has shared a short clip on social media. He has also asked people to watch it and share it further. Sunil has appealed to the people in a very funny way.

He tweeted- ‘Know what brother is out soon, run … run … look … spread further’. This video made on the daily routine of two roommates is very funny. In this, one roommate gets a breakup, and the other one saves him from being depressed. In this song made in rap style, Rummets have shown their friendship from the point of view.

Sunil Lahiri had previously supported Krish’s video ‘Jiyun Kaise’ in a similar way. He wrote the video by tweeting- ‘Friends, today I am putting Krish’s video for promotion in lieu of the untold things behind the Ramayana. I hope not, but I am sure that you guys will support you and hit Max to Max. Song which has been released. The link to the song has been given in the bio. “Jiyun Kaise is a romantic video in which a beautiful love story was presented.

Recently, Sunil greeted everyone on the Bhumi Pujan of Ram Mandir. He said on August 5, a historical day. The actor wrote – ‘August 5 is a historical day, like August 15, today will be remembered forever. As the foundation stone of Ram Mandir in the history of India, which solved the 500 year old problem. Best wishes and congratulations to all Indians. Jai Siyaram’.

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