Surat: Diamond factory adopted indigenous jugaad, then administration rejected

In order to prevent the spread of corona infection, the owners of some diamond factories in the diamond city Surat found an indigenous way, but their juggling did not work and the administration rejected it.

There is a diamond factory named Krinal James, located in Kapodara area of ​​Surat, here, the diamond workers were seen working following the guidelines of Kovid-19, but here it is different from other diamond factories, it is a diamond cutting polishing machine (bell) Card board on.

Milan Bhai, the owner of this diamond factory, says that the corona infection did not spread among the diamond workers working in the factory, so they put cardboard in the middle of the bell, but the administration has failed their idea and a bell has four or Instead of two workers sitting, only one worker is allowed to work.

The owners of diamond factories, like Crinal James, a Surat factory in Surat, adopted this method to avoid direct infection of the corona, but like the factory, this method of all diamond factories was failed by the administration and under which a bell But only one diamond worker can work.

Ashwani Bhai, a diamond worker who works at Crinal Gems, told that many steps are taken at his Diamond factory for the health safety of the workers, the temperature is also checked before entering the factory. Along with being sanitized, the decoction is also fed.

The diamond industry is also suffering huge losses due to Corona. In normal days, where 100 percent of the diamond workers worked in the diamond factory, only 25 percent of the workers are working at the time of Corona.

The administration has given more financial injury to the owners of Surat’s diamond factory by canceling their unique way of putting cardboard on the diamond machine (bell), but what should any corona befall all.

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