Rare Moonflower feeding for the first time in Britain. This is called the Amazonian cactus. It is the only plant in Britain. It is also known as Moonflower due to blooming at night. Experts at the Botanic Gardens at Cambridge University have recorded the process of blooming this flower. Experts did live streaming of blooming flowers, which lasted 12 hours from sunset to sunrise.

See its blooming and withering process in the photo

A 28-cm flower blossomed from sunset, according
to experts at Cambridge University, the scientific name of this plant is Selenicerus vitti. It starts blooming after sunset and blooms fully till sunrise. In Britain too, it started blooming after Saturday afternoon. Its length was 28 centimeters.

After two hours of blooming, it starts to fade and the
flower blooms with a special aroma. This fragrance only lasts for two hours because it starts to fade only after two hours of flowering. According to experts, this flower is found especially in the Amazon rainforests.

This plant in only 13 gardens in the world

Moonflower grows on the edge of the stem. It has plants in only 13 botanic gardens around the world. Alex Summers, supervisor of the Botanic Gardens in Britain, says it was a pleasure to see this flower blooming here. This rare plant is part of our collection. This is the first time this has happened in Britain. In November, I saw a vine-like structure emerge from the stem. This vine grew up to 12 feet in height.


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