• If there is no color in the wet vegetable, heat one spoon of oil. Add a little Kashmiri chilli and a little garam masala to it and mix immediately in the vegetable. Cover the fit. Vegetables will be colored.
  • If the chili is too much in the gravy vegetable, then add a little fresh cream. If the vegetable is dry, add roasted gram flour and mix well. The vegetable flavor will increase and the pungency will decrease.
  • If kheer, rabdi or any such sweet dish becomes more sweet, then dissolve one or two spoons of cornflour or custard powder in a bowl of milk. Do not add custard powder directly to boiling milk. It makes kernels. Separately add to the bowl and then mix in the whole milk. Cook for a while. The sweetness will decrease, the taste will increase.
  • If rice is not to be roasted in ghee for kheer, but the taste of ghee is needed, then make kheer and roast dry fruits in desi ghee and mix it in kheer.


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