In Australia, a wedding at a height of 41 thousand feet is dominated on social media. On Virgin Airlines’ flight from Melbourne to Sydney VA 841, Ilean Tiong and Luke Serdar donned rings, vase each other. Australian actress Tottie Goldsmith played the role of a pastor to get married. When the flight attendants announced the wedding, 150 passengers sitting in the ship witnessed the occasion. Virgin Airlines has had many interesting sentences before this as well. Along with proposing for the wedding, a fashion show has also been organized on the flight.

Richard Brenson, owner of Virgin Airlines, has also shared it on his social media account. The wedding was of Ilean, who is a wedding planner. She told that in her life she has done hundreds of weddings in hundreds of ways, but she wanted to get her wedding done in a unique way. Luke loves to roam and travel in airplanes. In such a situation, when the friends gave the idea of ​​getting married in an airplane, both of them liked it very much.

Luke reported that they had previously planned to marry on 14 February, but then had to pursue their plans for two weeks due to a lockdown in the city of Victoria. However, according to Kovid-19 rules, the couple were not allowed to kiss each other on the flight. Both were masked throughout the flight. After arriving in Sydney, both of them removed the mask and then their photoshoot could be done.


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