Many countries are working day and night to find a vaccine for the global epidemic. Favipiravir is the most popular vaccine after hydroxychloroquine produced in India. The Indian Drug Regulator (DGCI) has now approved the use of this vaccine. Glenmark has been granted a license to manufacture and sell the favipiravir 200mg product.

Glenmark Gets India Approval For Favipiravir As Covid 19 Treatment Is This Vaccine To Kill Covid-19 In India?

The Mumbai-based company is permitted to use the drug, which can be used for mild to moderate Covid-19 infections. This is an oral antiviral drug that has no side effect until now.

Covid, a Japanese-based trial, was administered to a 19-patient clinical trial and tested for efficacy. Japan’s Fujifilm Holdings Corp. has released favipiravir in the name of avigan, and is confident that Covid 19 will be eliminated by July.

US, Brazil, India and Russia are among the most affected. 8.5 million globally infected, 453,000 dead. More than 12,573 people have died in India. As the number of infected people in Russia exceeds 5 lakh, favipiravir drug treatment has been approved for the treatment of 19 cases of Covid-19 across the country.

FabiFlu is available in India under the favipiravir drug Glenmark. The company is also planning to manufacture and market a new drug in combination with favipiravir and umifenovir.

In 2014, the Japanese first discovered Avifavir alone and started using it for fever. No side effects have been seen since then, so the Russian started the trial after Japanese experts advised that Covid could safely and quickly complete the clinical trial of 19 patients. Research and trials have been conducted on how the drug is useful for Covid 19 in collaboration with Russia and Japan.

Glenmark Institution must obtain written consent from the infected person before using the vaccine. Drug can only be given to an infected person for 14 days. 3600 mg on the first day and 1600 mg on the second day. Pregnant, canine, intestinal tract, uric acid imbalance .. and so on.

Favipiravir Avifavir is being prepared on the basis of the original anti-viral drug, and has been used mainly for cold fever since 2014. Covid 19 is currently in Russia and has not been spent for months. Only 10 days of clinical trial have been done since there is no side effect.

The patient who got this drug was infected within 4 days. According to IM Shekhenov Medical VV, Lomonosov Moscow VV team of scientists who conducted a clinical trial in Moscow Vivo, it has 80% performance. Patients who completed the 10-day sedation dose had no infection, no side effect.


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