Today is the 88th birthday of Che Guevara. Even though ‘Che Guevara’ is not in this world, but because of its ideas, it is inhabited by every person in the world who is standing in the fight against this ‘Marketism’. Whether it is a student studying in London or his name on the mouth of Cuban children, not only that, from the views of the walls of JNU and the students there, there is a beautiful picture of ‘Che Guevara’ on the walls of every street. But wearing a hat with his eyes, people want to explain a lot without speaking. ‘Che Guevara’, despite being a common man, was no less than a messiah for the poor.

Happy Birthday Che Guevara revolutionary who lives in the walls of London

There are many countries in the world where Che Guevaraguvera is worshiped as ‘God’. Whatever is written about Che Guevara is less but today is his birthday and on this special occasion we will tell you why this great revolutionary ‘Ernesto Che Guevara Guevara’ in the whole world

Che Guevara was only 39 years old when he was killed. But even after so many years of death, no one could kill his idea. Even today the idea of ​​this great revolutionary still lives in the hearts of the people. Before dying, Che Guevara had also said, ‘You are killing a person, but you cannot kill his thoughts’. Just like the revolutionaries including Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad are known in India, Che Guevara Latin America is not less than any diamond for many countries of the world including Cuba. Whose idea changed people’s lives.

There are many people in India who are inspired by Che Guevara Guevara’s ideas and want to be like him. From the walls of India’s most famous Central University JNU to its professor and student, you will be seen talking about Che Guevara’s thoughts and following it. From the popularity of Che Guevara you can understand that students of any country, they read their views and follow them. Once called America’s biggest enemy, today in the eyes of many people is a great revolutionary and a hero.

If Che Guevara wanted, he could have spent his life comfortably after becoming a doctor in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, but he chose revolution. Right from college, Che Guevara had a particular inclination towards Marxism, seeing the poverty and exploitation around him. Not only this, he had traveled to Latin American countries with his motorcycle, where he felt poverty and hunger very closely. On his journey, Che Guevara had also written a diary, which after his death was printed as ‘The Motorcycle Diary’. Apart from this, a film by the name of ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ was also made in 2004.

Che Guevara is also called the father of Cuba because it was Che Guevara who, together with Fidel Castra, formed an army of 100 ‘guerrilla fighters’ and together overthrew the rule of dictator Batista, liberated Cuba. Fidel Castro was the most trusted leader of Che Guevara Guevara revolution, Fidel Castro Azad became the first Prime Minister of Cuba, while Che Guevara Guevara was given the responsibility of important ministries. Fidel Castro became president after being Prime Minister of Cuba for nearly 17 years and resigned from his post in 2008.


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