A few days ago, Congress MLAs who enjoyed hospitality in the luxury hotel of Jaipur have now reached the desert of Rajasthan in search of safe shelter. When the heat of 2 MLAs worsened, the doctor had to call.
MLA cannot tolerate 40 degrees

In Jaisalmer, the temperature reached 40 degrees at 12:00 am on Saturday. In such a situation, the health of two MLAs worsened. It is being said that many MLAs are feeling nervous. For the last 6 months, all the hotels in Jaisalmer were closed. In such a situation, when suddenly Suryagarh Fort was asked to make all 90 rooms worth living, then the AC of all the rooms could not be rectified in haste. The room was being repaired and painted so that CM Ashok Gehlot arrived here to save his MLA.

It is being said that the MLAs are upset. Ashok Gehlot is with the MLAs. He was supposed to come back to Jaipur in the morning, but only after arranging for the lodging of the MLAs, he could get out of here.

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However, the MLAs in the conversation said that they have a habit of working in such a temperature, so there is no problem. The legislators said that we are staying in our rooms so there is no question of heat. 2 MLAs had minor problems for which doctors were called.

However, the legislators have said that if the heat continues in this way, after August 5, they should be shifted elsewhere.

Gehlot does not want to take risk

But CM Ashok Gehlot does not want to take any risk at this time because Udaipur and Mount Abu are adjacent to Gujarat. There they are afraid of bullying their MLAs. While Ranthambore is adjacent to Madhya Pradesh. On being taken to Jodhpur, the families of many MLAs will come to meet there, so there is a risk of any offer from the Sachin Pilot faction or BJP.

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Why is Suryagarh Fort safe

Suryagarh Fort is in the desert 18 km from the city of Jaisalmer. Here the mobile signal is also very low, for this one has to go to the roof above. So there is no fear of communication with mobile and internet. There is no population far and wide. Despite this, around 6000 policemen, including two DCP level policemen from Jaipur, have been deployed throughout the Jaisalmer city. The government has made complete arrangements that no one from the BJP or Sachin Pilot group could contact them from anywhere.


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