Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his talk on various topics including tension in China, Corona crisis in Ladakh in the program on Sunday. Prime Minister Modi said that those who raised their eyes on the land of India in Ladakh have received a befitting reply. He said, “Those in India in Ladakh have received a befitting reply to India.

#MannKiBaat PM Modi said To defeat COVID-19 grow the economy

India knows how to maintain friendship, it also knows to challenge with eyes in the eyes. The sense of pride in their families, on the sacrifice of their brave sons, What is the passion for the country – this is the strength of the country. You must have seen that the parents, whose sons were martyred, are talking about sending their other sons, also the other children of the house, into the army.”

Prime Minister said that the way India helped the world in difficult times, today, it has strengthened India’s role in peace and development. The world has also felt the spirit of world brotherhood of India. We have also seen India’s strength and India’s commitment to protect its sovereignty and borders. Every effort should be made in this direction, so that, to increase the strength of the country to protect the borders, to make the country more capable, that the country should become self-sufficient – this will also be a true tribute to our martyrs.

Regarding Corona, PM Modi said, “My dear countrymen, during the crisis of Corona, the country has come out of lockdown. Now we are in an era of unlock. In this time of Unlock, two things have to be very focused – Corona Defeat and strengthen the economy, strengthen it. More vigilance than lockdown is to be maintained during unlock. Your vigilance will protect you from corona. Always remember that if you do not wear masks, follow two yards If not, then you are putting others as well as you at risk.


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