Air India has sacked 50 pilots overnight. The pilots’ association has asked the airline chairman to intervene in the matter. The organization has called such cruel treatment of employees illegal in this hour of Corona crisis.

The Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) has written in a letter to Air India Chairman and Managing Director Rajiv Bansal that 50 pilots have received a letter of illegal dismissal like the Department of Personnel, which is a violation of the company’s operating and service rules. Is a violation. The pilots have been removed without following the correct procedure. The organization tweeted, “gross injustice to those who put the nation at the forefront of the pandemic.”

The organization says the airline’s 18 employees in South India have also been laid off, not extending their contract. The pilots, who resigned in November last year but withdrew their resignation before the deadline of six months, were suddenly sacked on Thursday night at 10 pm, accepting their resignation.

The organization said the pilots were removed after the office was closed on 13 August. One of the pilots was on a flight carrying an aircraft on 14 August. In this way the airline also put the lives of the passengers at risk, as one can easily understand the mental state of the pilot after being fired. The ICPA has said that this has been done when the Air India and Aviation Ministry had assured that no Air India employees would be fired.


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