Bollywood actor Bobby Deol has won the Best Actor Award for his web series ‘Ashram’ a few days ago. Now in a recent interview, Bobby talked to OTT about his comeback. He also said that there was a time when he was a big star, but later his market value was reduced.

At one point I started giving up,
Bobby Deol says that it took him some time to accept that he would no longer have to play any role in the lead roles. He said, “There was a time when I used to be a big star, but later things were not going well for me. My market value was also reduced. I went through a period where I understood this I could not understand why this was happening to me and then I started giving up.

I realized that I needed to prove myself.
Bobby continued, “I notice that my kids notice that I’m sitting at home. Then I realized I’m an actor and my job is to play the character, then Even if it is not a lead role. As an actor I felt that I needed to prove myself. It was only after that that I started looking at things again. ”

Bobby said, “That’s why I am getting so much work now. People appreciated my hard work and saw that I also have the ability to play different roles. Bobby released director Prakash Jha’s web series last year ‘Ashram’ has made a very good comeback. Bobby’s role as Baba Nirala has also been appreciated in this web series. Bobby now has a lot of projects. They are ‘Love Hostel’, ‘Apne-2’ and He will also be seen in ‘Animal’.

It was due to the love and support of the
fans that I received the award. Talking about the love the fans are getting, Bobby said, “I don’t know what to feel. This is the love of my old and new fans, which I achieved. They have appreciated my work and many people have seen my web series. It is because of this love and support of the fans that I have received the award. I am very grateful to the fans for this. ”

Now keeping himself out of the comfort zone,
Bobby is now looking for roles that help him explore his acting abilities. He said, “When I look for roles, I keep myself out of the comfort zone. Now I want to do roles that nobody has done.”

Bobby made his Bollywood debut with ‘Barsaat’ Bobby made his Bollywood debut
with the film ‘Barsaat’ released in 1995. However, his film could not do much. After this, Bobby also gave many hit films like ‘Gupt’, ‘Soldier’, ‘Badal’ and ‘Scorpion’ in the early decade of his career. Many of Bobby’s films were released after these films, but not all of them did well. After which there was a decline in Bobby’s career graph. He was also reduced to receiving film offers.


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