Chhattisgarh: Youth trapped by trees for 13 hours in flood, Air Force did such successful rescue, see VIDEO

One of the three youths jumped for a bath in the West Wear of the Khuntaghat waterfall in Ratanpur in the middle of the drift. Police and the city army team kept trying till late night to get the young man out. Successful rescue was carried out with the help of an Air Force helicopter in the morning. Despite being stuck on a tree in flood waters for several hours, the condition of the young man is completely normal and walking on his feet. As a precaution, he has been admitted to the Ramakrishna Hospital in Raipur for treatment.

Due to the holiday, a large number of people, including the city, arrived in Khuntaghat on Sunday. Meanwhile, at 5 o’clock in the evening, three youths were near West Wear of Khuntaghat. The youth jumped into the water flowing from West Wear to take a bath. Two young men came out of the water. At the same time, a young man drifted down. He climbed on a stone holding the bush growing. After this, the people caught sight of him. Someone reported this to the Ratanpur police. Police reached the spot and started efforts to save the young man. Simultaneously, it was reported to the disaster management team (SDRF) of the Home Guard. The disaster management team also reached the spot. The youth could not be removed till late in the night.

The young man was stuck in a river with the help of floods in the river. He struggled throughout the night to get him out of the flood. There was also a gathering of people over Dame West Wear. After this, the helicopter of the Air Force reached there at around 6 am and the members of the relief and rescue team successfully took the young man out of the river’s edge. The young man was immediately brought to Raipur by helicopter. From here he is sent to Ramakrishna Hospital for treatment. Members of the rescue team and police personnel were also present at the banks of the river throughout the night and the morale of the youth continued to rise. Keep assuring him that waiting a while, he will be saved safely.

Last three days in Chhattisgarh, there has been heavy rainfall in all areas from Bastar to Surguja. Due to rain, many villages of Bastar are looking like an island, so is the situation in the villages of Bilaspur, Surguja and Raipur divisions in the state. Flood-like situation is also visible in Bilaspur city here. Many rivers of the state including Mahanadi are in spate. During this entire rescue operation, there was continuous rain and the team had to face many difficulties in saving the young man. Eventually the young man was saved safely.

CRPF jawans cross the river with the body of the associate on the shoulder

The CRPF jawans crossed the Injaram river with the body of a colleague in Sukma on their shoulders. Please tell that the family of the CRPF jawan had to keep the dead body for more than 2 hours due to the flood. The jawan died last night in the district hospital.


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