The way an individual experiences the works of artists and painters in an art exhibition is no other option. But circumstances became such that from artists to art galleries, new paths had to be explored. Work had to be done from strategy to skill level.

Today, online art exhibitions are being conducted successfully by galleries, which has also given a new impetus to the art business, which is relaxing with artists.

Necessity is the mother of invention

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. In the past months, when all art galleries were closed and exhibitions canceled, art sales came to a standstill. Artists began to associate themselves with other activities. Then there was a new buzz in the virtual world.

Nearly ten galleries from India and Dubai launched an online group exhibition called ‘In Touch’, so that they could get in touch with each other in an organized manner. It included the works of artists, painters of various genres. 

Founder of Delhi-based Vadhera Art Gallery, involved in this’ In Touch ‘group exhibition, says Roshni,’ We started adapting virtual exhibitions and projects with the help of our website and social media, sensing the changed circumstances.

The gallery also launched a new initiative called ‘Wag Fresh’, which showcased the work of emerging artists such as Shailesh BR and Vicky Roy. We did projects on Instagram like Thoughts from the Studio, Living with Art, which were well-liked. ‘

Doors closed, windows open

Vicky Roy, the famous photographer who participated in the ‘Wag Fresh’ digital exhibition, says, ‘The series was shown in the gallery under the name’ Bachpan ‘, which got good response. The photographs reminded people of their childhood. The good thing is that some percentage of the revenue generated from its sale was given to the Salaam Balak Trust as a help. How do you see the challenges of the present day? How much impact has he had on his work? About this, he explains, ‘It is a struggle for almost every artist, photographer.

Talking about the past years, at this time I would have been doing workshops on the mountains. Today also it is not known how long the conditions will be normal. So, I am trying everything from cost cutting to lifestyle changes. Vicky realizes that work may be lacking, but he is optimistic. Says, ‘In this lockdown the doors of the houses were closed.

Everyone thought that something would happen when they opened. People forgot that there is also a small window at the back, which can become an option. That means we have to make a habit of living anew. ‘ Vicky is doing small projects these days as well as contributing to voluntary work. Recently he worked for ‘Akshayapatra Foundation’ for free. ‘The Invisible’ project for the Save the Children organization was also highly appreciated.

Painters have awakened hope

This life is like the canvas of an artist, in which there is a mixture of colors and emotions, gaiety and sadness. It depends on the person what and how he wants to color his coat or leave the canvas blank. For example, once the painter Vincent van Go of the Netherlands said that if there is a sound coming from inside that you cannot do painting, then do it. The voice itself will calm down. Yogesh Verma, an independent painter from Ajmer, was also about to start his gallery called ‘TAD’, when Corona knocked and all came to a halt.

But she did not give up and organized an online art camp cum art exhibition ‘The Art Discovery’ under the banner of TAD. It was taken up by contemporary creation painters and sculptors and the exhibition was successful. Not only this, the ‘Rang Malhar’ festival, started by Rajasthan’s senior painter Vidyasagar Upadhyay, underwent a digital transformation for the first time in 11 years. Artists from across the state painted on eco-friendly hand bags and shared them online.

Big support from social media

Yogesh, who is painting in Mixed Medium, says, “For artists, this lockdown was no less than a living. Through the online exhibition, we tried to unite the artists by giving them a platform for expression. Artists from abroad and abroad created their own art studios and made a presence in the online exhibition with great enthusiasm. ‘ According to Yogesh, social media played an important role in this crisis.

Many of the painters who shared their artwork on Facebook, Instagram received good orders. There are many painters who do not have time to breathe for the next one year. Noida painter Chitrakshi Singh agrees about the benefits of social media, but does not show much enthusiasm about online exhibitions. She says, “People used to interact face to face in exhibitions in galleries. Building a network also helped in business. That effect is not seen in online. By the way, hope remains. ‘

Promotion of emerging artists

Madhu Das of Mumbai specializes in many disciplines like drawing, painting, photography, performance, installation. In 2014, he created a visual art called ‘Where Are We’, which has not been shown anywhere yet. In such a situation, Delhi-based Shrine Empire Art Gallery has decided to showcase it under the second digital exhibition of ‘Discover’ series.

Anahita, director of the gallery, says, “Through the Prameya Foundation, we give suitable exposure, grants etc. to new artists, curators. The ‘Discover’ series is organized under the same, in which we give opportunity to emerging artists through online solo exhibition. Last month, Ishita Chakraborty was given the opportunity.

Anahita believes that innovative ideas have to be worked on to survive in the new era. Today, when it is not possible for people to go to galleries, as per their interest in curating new shows, there will be interest in art as well.

Positive response received from art collectors

Roshani Vadhera says that every initiative we took, they got a good response. It was also pleasant to know that even in this challenging period, art collectors showed interest in contemporary art. By joining art exhibitions, shows on digital platforms, somewhere his mind got peace and peace.

Connectivity with the art world also remained. Satisfactory success from a business perspective. In the future, we will continue to organize online, because this is giving opportunity to artists and art lovers from abroad. (Founder, Vadhera Art Gallery, Delhi)

Creative shows online

Anahita Taneja says that initially there was little doubt as to how that would happen. But it is said that the show Must Go On. We made changes in our strategy. We had already connected with art lovers through Facebook, Instagram. In such a situation, we decided to do online art exhibition, after which the show was called ‘Speculations on a new word order’ on the suggestion of creator Anushka Rajendran.

In this, artists expressed their ideas about the future through creative videos, drawings and photographs. Got a good response. There are also relatively positive results in terms of sales. People are inquiring about the artifacts. Gradually – slowly sales are increasing. (Director, Shrine Empire Gallery, Delhi)

WhatsApp Business Portal for Artists

Tariq Alana explains that under the online strategy, besides the website and the Artsy page, we have also launched WhatsApp Business Portal, where some part of our catalog, mailing list, new audio-video series can be seen. Art lovers can also connect to accounts like our Instagram and Facebook.

This allows both our supporters and collectors to access the artwork of the artists. We have not done any online exhibition, but work is going on. Our aim is to give art lovers a deeper experience in online. (Associate Director, Art Heritage Gallery)

Online show of delhi art gallery

In the midst of the lockdown, the gallery performed a third digital exhibition called The Silver Series, which featured Modern and Contemporary Indian Art. It featured paintings and other art work from more than 100 artists. The organization itself was partnered for the third edition of the exhibition. Under this, 10 percent of the earnings from the sale of artworks were given to the aforementioned organization working for the empowerment of poor girls and women.


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