Sharing a recent Supreme Court verdict relating to equal rights of daughters in paternal property on WhatsApp was costly for a couple in Karnataka. His own family became enemies of his life. The couple were attacked by their four nephews.

Sasikala, who lives in Bengaluru, has accused the police in The Tahrir that she posted the recent Supreme Court verdict in the property case on the family’s WhatsApp group. After seeing this, her brothers’ four sons reached her hotel and attacked her husband with sticks and stones. She was also attacked when she went to save her husband. During this he was also threatened. Currently, the four accused are out of the custody of the police.

A three-member bench of the Supreme Court recently ruled that a Hindu woman has the right to be joint heirs in ancestral property by birth. The court also said that this condition does not apply to the right whether the father of the woman seeking rights was alive at the time of amendment of the Hindu Succession Act in 2005.

Women welcomed this decision of the Supreme Court

On the other hand, a few days ago, this decision of the Supreme Court was fiercely welcomed by women. He had said that this decision of the Supreme Court would prove to be a milestone. Daughters will now get financial freedom. They will not have to spread their hands to others during any crisis. If needed, they will be able to cooperate with others. This decision was long awaited. Family members should also take it positively. It should not create any kind of dispute.


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