National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Monday arrested two people for their involvement in the circulation of fake Indian currency notes (FICN). NIA said the two accused were identified as Mo Baitullah and Mo Mukhtar, involved in a conspiracy hatched by a network for the production, circulation and smuggling of high quality fake Indian currency notes. In March this year, NIA registered a case based on the seizure made by the DRI of fake Indian paper currency, in which notes worth Rs 4,01,000 were recovered from the arrested accused – Ghulam Murtuja and Shajatur Rahman.

NIA said investigations have revealed that Ghulam Murtuja was part of an organized syndicate of counterfeit Indian currency notes (FICN), which is spread across the country. The release released by NIA stated, ‘Investigation has also revealed that this syndicate runs several agents to broadcast FICN in India. In this connection, the accused Mo Baitullah and Mo Mukhtar were the two main agents who worked for Ghulam Murtaza for the practice of FICN. ‘

The release said that surveillance was initiated after receiving input and after an overnight operation, both these agents were arrested this morning. A search was also conducted at their bases and during this time many evidences ranging from electronic were recovered.


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