Realme has introduced a 108 megapixel camera for its smartphone. The company will use this camera in its upcoming Reality 8 series. Sharp photo quality will be available in this series. At the same time, many related to the camera will be the world’s first tilt-shift time-lapse video, starry time-lapse video and new portrait filters.

The company showed some photos taken with 108 megapixels given in Realme 8 Pro during its Camera Innovation Virtual event. In these photos, more vivid colors and sharp details were seen.

New technology for photo and video

The camera of Reality 8 Pro has a new ‘in sensor zoom’ of 3x mode activates, which is used to generate zoom images with a 12 megapixel sensor.
The company said that due to the small size on 12 megapixel photos, the imaging process is fast, so that Realme 8 Pro can take 8 photos of 12 megapixels in one row. It then inputs them to the Clarity Enhancement Algorithm to further enhance image clarity.
After processing, the 3x photo of Realme 8 Pro looks much better than the sharpness of the photo taken with optical telephoto lens. The company has also launched the world’s first starry time-lapse video with this camera.
Challenging to develop Stary time-lapse video The
company said that developing Stari time-lapse video is challenging as it requires high performance to handle the synthesis of photos. Reality has come with an exclusive time-lapse video algorithm, which is based on wired pictures.


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