For the first time, UK doctors have successfully transplanted hearts that had stopped beating using a special machine. That means they were declared dead. So far, such a heart has been transplanted in 6 children. All these children are now fully healthy. Earlier, only those people who were declared brain dead had heart transplant.

Doctors at the National Health Service (NHS) of Britain have gone one step further in the technology of heart transplant. Doctors at the Royal Pepworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire, through the Organ Care Machine, brought alive the hearts of dead persons and caused beating in the bodies of not one or two children.

It has become the first team in the world to achieve this feat. Dr. John Forsythe, director of the Organ Donation and Transplantation Department of the NHS, said- ‘Our technology will prove to be a milestone in the whole world, not only in the UK.

This technique gave new life to 6 such children, aged 12 to 16 years, who were waiting to receive heart in the form of organ donation for the last two-three years. This means that people will now be able to donate more hearts posthumously. Now people will not have to wait long for transplant. ‘

Organ Care System: The heart is kept alive for 24 hours

Doctors in the NHS have created an ‘Organ Care System’ machine. As soon as death is confirmed, the donor’s heart is immediately removed and kept in this machine and tested for 12 hours and then transplanted. Oxygen, nutrients and blood of its group is circulated in the heart of this machine for 24 hours, according to the needs of the body of the patient whose heart is found in the donor.


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