Since the arrival of Corona’s new strain, a significant number of people have been infected with Corona in Britain. New cases of Corona were reported to increase significantly. After more than 50 thousand new cases of corona infection in the UK for 13 consecutive days, this figure has come down to 50 thousand on the 14th day. There have been fewer cases in the past 24 hours than before. However, Britain is still the fifth most corona infected country in the world.

According to the report of more than 46 thousand new case thermometers, 46,169 new corona cases have been reported in the UK in the last 24 hours and 529 people have died. This number is lower than the figures a day earlier. So far, over 31 lakh 18 thousand people have been corona infected and 81,960 people have lost their lives from corona.

Around 6.52 crore people were recovered worldwide, more than 5.57 lakh new cases have occurred during the last 24 hours worldwide and about 9 thousand people died due to corona. So far, more than 19.51 million people have died due to corona virus. So far, the total number of infected people has reached more than 9 crore 12 lakhs and more than 6 crore 52 lakh infected corona have recovered.

So far, 3.85 lakh deaths have been reported in
the US, while the US is at the top of the list of countries affected by Corona. More than 20 million 31 million people have been infected here. So far, more than 3 lakh 85 thousand deaths have been reported from Corona in America. More than 1 lakh 96 thousand new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours.


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