Air force insulted in Gunjan Saxena? Karan Johar Troll on Social Media

Zahravi Kapoor’s film Gunjan Saxena is getting everyone’s love. The film has also received good reviews. But now Gunjan Saxena seems to be stuck in different trouble. Indian Air Force has told the Censor Board through letter that their bad and wrong image has been shown in the film. The Indian Air Force never discriminates in the name of gender.

Now as soon as this news went viral on social media, Karan Johar, the head of Dharma Production, started being trolled. There are many things going against Karan Johar on social media. If someone is accusing them of nepotism, then there are many who are even telling the director to be traitors. Many such tweets have become viral at this time.

Karan Johar troll because of Gunjan Saxena

One user writes – Karan Johar is a mentor of nepotism. Now Gunjan Saxena has also been looted by the Air Force. This film should be Boycott. At the same time, other users have called it unrighteousness. He writes – It is useless to demand patriotism from Bollywood films. Only such anti-India films can be bought. That’s the purpose of Karan’s Dharma Production – spread unrighteousness. One user has targeted both Ekta Kapoor and Karan by tweeting. It has been said that both of these are against the Indian Army. Some people are even saying that instead of watching this film, they will read the book of Gunjan Saxena.

Now this controversy of Gunjan Saxena has become a new problem for Karan Johar, who has been the target of everyone due to nepotism. The film which was being liked till now, now suddenly people are running a campaign against it.

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