Children’s doctors in Britain are very upset. Parents are bringing the symptoms of various diseases in children to them. If the doctor checks, then no disease comes out. Parents try to tell doctors that the child has the disease.

Sometimes they are able to explain. Such sentences are happening again and again. The situation became such that the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) had to issue guidelines for doctors.

Actually, if there is a slight change in the health of children, parents’ Dr. Google ‘means searching on Google. As soon as the symptoms are matched, they fix the concocted disease and misunderstand it. RCPCH, calling it risky, has asked doctors to treat only the real symptoms rather than concocted or inferred disease.

Talk to the children if there is no immediate risk to the children. Talk to parents separately as well. This trend has increased in the last two years. There are 4000 consultant pediatricians in the UK and in the last 2 years, such cases have reached every doctor.

Doctors say that this concern of parents is legitimate, but the increase in such cases is due to wrong information received online. According to child protection expert Dr. Danya Glaeser, if parents are concerned about their children, then you really have to pay attention to the children and find out that their worries are not unnecessary.

“92% of people surveyed in the UK said they are facing such a case,” says Dr Emilia Vavrjavic, Assistant Officer and Consultant Pediatrician at RCPCH. Dr Alison Steeley, Consultant Pediatrician, says, “Such a situation is being created on social media due to articles from non-certified sources.

Parents are shaving the heads of the children, even the children start to believe that they are sick.

The situation has deteriorated to the point that many parents are rescuing children’s schools. Get the non-essential test done. Children’s heads are being shaved, so that it seems like chemotherapy is going on. If one doctor refuses, they go to another doctor. They isolate the children. In such a situation, children start to believe that they are ill.


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