One week before the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Disha Salian died on 9 June. She was 28 years old. She was the ex-manager of Sushant Singh. After Sushant’s death on 14 June, there are different theories on social media. In some reports, the leaders have alleged that there is a link between Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian case. At the same time, the Mumbai Police has been denying this till now. There is no relation in both the cases. In this whole case, the parents of Disha Satish and Vasanthi Salian had not said anything yet.

Now in the conversation with Aaj Tak, the parents of Disha said- ‘Don’t take advantage of your daughter by defaming me. Don’t play with him She was our only child. We lost our only daughter. Now those people are spoiling his image badly. They want to kill us by hazing us in this way.

Disha’s mother Vasanthi Salian said, “First of all I would like to say to the people of India, all the media, social media, YouTube and everything else that everything is wrong. All the news is fake and just a rumor. I have my only child Lost, but now these media-social media will kill us. So I request the Supreme Court to stop all this, we are badly upset because of this. Now we have all these fake news against my daughter There is no power to listen. “

On the theories of rape and murder with Disha, Vasanthi said, “This is all wrong. Two statements were taken in this case. Malvani police (where the Disha case is being investigated) has all the documents on record. We Saw the post mortem report. Mumbai Police is doing its job properly and that’s why we trust Mumbai Police. We were calm at first but our daughter is being maligned in the media. We cannot bear any more. So I request people I want them to understand what the truth is. “

He further said, “Puneet Vashistha is writing a lot of wrong things against my daughter. She has troubled us the most. She has maligned our daughter. I request to punish people like her. The situation is so bad Is that people will lose faith in the media. No one will see the news. “

Have they seen the investigation of Mumbai Police themselves? In response to this, he said- “Yes, we saw the entire investigation, we examined all the documents. They have all the evidence. But these politicians are coming in between. They are delaying in getting justice for our daughter. I am Mumbai I request the police to end the investigation soon. ”

On the relationship between Disha and her fiance Rohan Roy, mother Vasanthi said, “They were planning to get married after the lockdown. The entire lockdown Rohan stayed with us. On June 4, Rohan got an offer. Malad for an indoor shoot. The house location was finalized. So Disha and Rohan Roy went there. Rohan got a check for the same. As there was no work during the lockdown. In this case both were happy after this offer, to go out of the direction too. Got the chance. The entire lockdown was at home. “

Vasanthi spoke to him on the phone regularly from 5 June. Disha told her mother how the shooting happened. However, the direction was tense as some deals were canceled. She used to talk continuously on the phone in connection with work. Mother Vasanthi Salian said, “She was under a lot of stress. I never understood that she was under so much stress and could take such a step. She must have broken from inside due to stress and hence she must have taken such a step.” “

Vasanthi said, “She was very ambitious, she wanted to be very big in the industry. She used to say that I want this and she wants that. She used to dream a lot. We were all happy too. She was working as per her wish Is. We always supported her. She was very good. “

Is anyone suspicious in Disha’s death?

Mother Vasanthi said, “I cannot doubt anyone. All the children she had with her that night were very close friends of hers. A friend of hers was like a brother. A childhood school friend. She used to tie her rakhi.”

Disha’s mother said this on the allegations of politicians

Vasanthi said, “I get very angry after listening to the politicians. Disha had no relationship with anyone or people who are being named. She did not meet them, Disha did not have their numbers. No photo with me. But my daughter is being dragged into it. The police have all contact details, nothing of that kind. My daughter never talked about them. “

Vansati further said- “We can file a case against these people.” But we are not doing this. They tarnish my daughter’s image. We had only one child. Now these people are not letting us live. ”

Disha’s mother spoke on the party

Vasanthi said- ‘All the allegations that are being made about the party are false. Disha and Rohan went to Malad once on 4 June. We have also seen CCTV footage. Even the direction told me that she never went. Whenever I called her she was always at home. Even before this there was no party. Disha’s birthday comes on 26 May and friends like her brother Indranil’s birthday on 25 May, the two celebrate each year together. But he could not celebrate due to the lockdown this year. Therefore, the night before his death, he had a party. To say that it was not even a party, it had only 6 friends, it was a small gate to gether. ‘

Did Disha’s mother speak on Disha’s connection with Sushant?

Talking about Sushant, Disha said – Disha always used to share details related to her work. With whom is she working, what is she working on. I never heard of Sushant. Before all this, I did not even know Sushant much.Mother Vasanthi said, “The condition of my house is very bad. We are living a painful life. We are being defamed everywhere. After our only daughter is no more, these people are behind us. I am now on drugs I am not able to stand up properly. I appeal to the Mumbai Police, Supreme Court to take action. They should apologize. Not a single thing is true. “

Did the father of Disha say?

Father Satish said, “As the media has the freedom to speak, we also have the right to privacy. Please do not interfere in our lives. I request all of you. The police have extended me. Proof, post mortem report shown. My daughter never got pregnant. Rape never happened. “

Satish Salian finally said, “Please, request that you do not believe such rumors, do not spread such rumors. For your own benefit, do not use my daughter and discredit her. Politicians, media and people I request that please do not do this. This is for our daughter. Do not play with her.

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