In Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, there has been a case of poisoning the householders due to illicit relations. The incident took place in Bhind district, where a woman named Reshma, forgetting all the relationships, gave a heavy dose of sleep medicine to 10 people, including her two children, husband, sister-in-law and father-in-law. She then eloped with her lover. All 10 victims have been admitted to Jaya Arogya Hospital (JAH) in Gwalior, where they are undergoing treatment.

Accused Reshma has also taken her younger son Zeeshan along. Reshma with whom she participates seems to be her sister-in-law in a relationship.
Accused Reshma has also taken her younger son Zeeshan along. Reshma with whom she participates seems to be her sister-in-law in a relationship.
This woman named Reshma has been married two times. The one with whom she eloped seems to be nondoi in the relationship. Reshma also took about 15 tola gold from the cupboard of the house, Rs 3 lakh in cash. Referring to the night of the incident, Reshma’s husband Javed said, “Reshma never fed food with so much love as it was feeding on Saturday night. He had added heavy doses of sleeping medicine to the whole vegetable. No one was conscious after having food. She wanted us to sleep in death.

This is the whole case
Reshi wife Chhotu alias Javed Khan, daughter-in-law of 60-year-old Munshi Khan, a resident of Bhind, made a Puri-vegetable on Saturday night. Everyone was surprised when the whole vegetable was made without the festival, but the daughter-in-law made and served with love, everyone ate a lot of food. On Sunday morning, when Javed’s cousin Nur Mohammad Khan, who lives in the neighborhood, reached Javed’s house, he saw that 10 people of the family were lying unconscious. Foam was coming out of the children’s mouths. Reshma and her younger son Zeeshan were not among them. Noor Mohammed immediately called other relatives and rushed all the people to the hospital. It was found to give heavy doses of sleeping medicine. When the condition was critical, all 10 members were immediately referred to Gwalior. He is undergoing treatment at JAH in Gwalior. Some are in critical condition. After investigating the house, it was found that Reshma has also taken money and gold. She is eloped with her lover Nandoi Lohkan Khan resident Aharoli police station Ater.

The conspiracy to remove the road from love,
Reshama, 35 years old, was very much in harmony with his Nandoi Lohkan Khan. This reconciliation grew when Reshma’s first husband died 4 years ago. At that time Lohkan began to come home, and a relationship between the two flourished. Reshma’s maternal and in-laws’ side married her first husband’s younger brother Chhotu alias Javed Khan. Socha will raise two of Reshma’s children as her uncle’s father. Reshma got married at that time, but her plans were different. When the secret of love was revealed to her sister-in-law, the family members banned her exit. When the whole family stumbled in love, he hatched a conspiracy to remove everyone from the road on Saturday night.

The crime investigation serial
Reshma used to watch most of the time , has come to know that she used to watch the crime investigation serial coming on TV often. Her story was also no less than a serial. Maybe the way he has tried to run away by mixing sleeping medicine in everyone’s food, he has learned from a serial’s story.


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