An official said on Wednesday that Karnataka has done 20 lakh corona virus tests in less than five months. With this, Karnataka has been named among the most corona virus-tested states in India. A health official said that Karnataka has conducted more than 20 lakh covid tests from 23 March to 16 August (Sunday) and is one of the top states to conduct maximum tests. Initially, it took the southern state around 99 days to complete the first one lakh tests, however, now it is taking just two days to test one lakh people, performing more than 50,000 tests per day in 101 laboratories across the state Are going

With only 2,309 trials in March, the state expanded its testing capacity to 55,021 tests in April, followed by 2.4 lakhs in May, 3.2 lakhs in June, 7.6 lakhs in July and 6.8 lakhs in the first 16 days of August. Kidwai Bangalore has emerged as the highest testing government laboratory with 1.05 lakh tests, followed by GIMS Gulbarga (88,323), NIMHANS Bengaluru (81,816). In private laboratories, Nuberg Anand has carried out the maximum number of tests which are 69,897, followed by Syngen (42,769), Xcetan (39,989), KMC Manipal (26,626), among others.

During the last 24 hours in India, more than 64 thousand cases of Corona virus (COVID-19) have been reported and more than one thousand people have died. In the last two days, less than 60 thousand cases were reported in the country. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours 64 thousand 531 cases of corona were reported in the country and 1092 people died. At the same time, the maximum 60,091 patients were cured and eight lakh one thousand 518 sample tests were done.

According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 27 lakh 67 thousand 274 cases have been reported so far in the country. Out of these six lakh 76 thousand 514 are active cases. At the same time, 20 lakh 37 thousand 871 patients have been cured and 52 thousand 889 people have died. The recovery rate is 73.64 percent and the death rate is 1.91 percent. So far, a total of three crore 17 lakh 42 thousand 782 sample tests have been done.



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