Kerala: Ernakulam administration took over Moolanthuruthy Church

Ernakulam district administration took possession of the Jacobite Syrian Cathedral Church in Mullanthuruthy in the early hours of Monday. The move comes after the Kerala High Court set a deadline of August 17 to hand over the church to the Orthodox faction. The court will consider the matter at 10 am today.

The police arrested protesters belonging to the Jacobite group of Malankara Church before capturing the church. Ernakulam Deputy Collector Snehil Kumar Singh said that the district administration will submit a report to the court today. The Kerala High Court has held that it is appropriate to enlist the help of central forces to capture the Moolanthuruthy Church of the Jacobite faction. The High Court was hearing a court petition filed by Orthodox faction Victor Father Jio George.

The state government had earlier stated that due to COVID-19 and floods in Ernakulam, the district administration is not in a position to occupy the church. The Kerala High Court had made it clear that the church would not be handed over to the Victor of the Jacobite faction at any cost. It directed that if the Collector was of the view that if sufficient police could not be deployed due to the deployment of police for COVID-19 duties, he would wait for such a period to hand over the petitioners to the church.

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