TMC and BJP have become more aggressive on each other after the first phase of elections in Bengal. On Monday, Mamta Banerjee targeted the BJP and the family of Shubhendu Adhikari from her assembly constituency Nandigram and Shubhendu also retaliated. Mamta said in a public meeting that the condition of the officer’s family will be such that it will neither be home nor ghat. In response, Shubhendu accused Mamata of appeasing the minorities. He sarcastically said that Begum would make Bengal into a mini-Pakistan.

Mamta also targeted Amit Shah before Mamta started her election campaign in Nandigram on a road show on Monday. The last time Mamta arrived from Nandigram to enroll her, she got hurt while climbing in a car, Mamta has been in a wheelchair ever since. After this, Mamta targeted Home Minister Amit Shah on the pretext of the death of the mother of the BJP worker.

He said that I do not know how the sister died. Our party does not support violence against women at all. Shah asks how bad is the condition of Bengal? I ask them how is the condition of Uttar Pradesh? They should explain what is the situation in Hathras?

Regarding capturing Bengal, BJP
Mamata said that if you voted for BJP, you will be expelled from the state. The BJP wants to capture everything in Bengal through external goons. Not only this, they will also capture the existence of Bengal. At the same time, if you vote for Trinamool, then free ration will be delivered to your door.

What is the matter of the death of the mother of the BJP worker?
About a month ago, BJP accused TMC workers of entering the house and beating up an elderly woman. This woman was none other than Shoa Majmudar, the 85-year-old mother of a BJP worker in North 24 Parganas, who died on Monday.

On this, Shah said on social media that I am saddened by the death of Bengal’s daughter. He was beaten up by TMC goons. The pain of this wound of the Majumdar family will haunt Mamta Didi for a long time. Bengal will fight for tomorrow so that our mothers and sisters have a secure future.

Voting in Nandigram on April 1 Voting in Nandigram,
the hot seat of the Bengal elections, is to be held on April 1 in the second phase. Here, Mamta is pitted against the BJP candidate and Shubhendu Adhikari, who was once close to her. Shubhendu left the TMC in November last year and joined the BJP.

Voting is to be held in 8 phase in Bengal, voting in 8 phase in West Bengal. The first phase of voting for the 294-seat assembly was held on 27 March (30 seats). In the next phase, April 1 (30 seats), April 6 (31 seats), April 10 (44 seats), April 17 (45 seats), April 22 (43 seats), April 26 (36 seats), April 29 (35 seats) ) Has to be voted.

80% of the voting in
Bengal and 72.14% of the voting in the first phase was held on March 27 in a total of 77 seats in West Bengal and Assam. These include 30 seats in Bengal and 47 seats in Assam. According to the Election Commission, more than 80% of the voting took place in Bengal and 72.14% in Assam.


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