Defense Minister Rajnath Singh attended the Naval Commanders’ Conference today. During this conference he addressed the top naval commanders. After this conference, he tweeted and gave information about it. Rajnath wrote in a tweet – Today attended the Naval Commanders’ Conference. I commend the Indian Navy for their role in protecting the maritime interests of the nation. He wrote that I have full confidence in the Navy’s preparedness to meet any challenge through proactive response in deploying our ships and aircraft.

Rajnath Singh further said that the Indian Navy has effectively carried out mission-based deployment to protect maritime interests by deploying naval ships and aircraft at sensitive locations. The deployment has helped raise maritime domain awareness, providing rapid humanitarian aid.

China is rapidly increasing its military presence in the Indian Ocean region. According to a statement issued by the Navy, this conference is of great importance given the background of recent developments on the northern borders and the unprecedented challenges posed by the Corona epidemic. This is the first conference of naval commanders after the establishment of the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) and the post of Chief of Defense Staff (CDS).

According to the statement issued by the Navy, the Conference of Naval Commanders will consider joint planning framework, coordination of the three services and measures to increase operational preparedness, as well as work related restructuring in the Navy to increase efficiency. Officials said all possible security challenges in the Indian Ocean, including China and Pakistan, will be considered in detail at the conference.

The Indian Ocean is important for Indian strategic interests and China is steadily increasing its presence in the region. China has built ports in Gwadar in South Pakistan and Djibouti in the Horn of Africa. In the last few weeks, the Indian Navy has also deployed several frontline warships and submarines in the Indian Ocean region, giving a clear signal to China.


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