Naval commanders conference is very special in view of stopping and increasing the danger of dragons

New Delhi (Kamal Kant Verma). A three-day conference of Indian Navy commanders begins on Wednesday, in which the challenges faced by the Navy and to enhance their strategic capability are discussed. The conference, which runs till August 21, is to be inaugurated by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. At present, this meeting is also very important because in the past few times both challenges and threats from China to India have increased. On the other hand, his connivance with Pakistan and his presence in Gwadar is also a cause for concern for India. Let us tell you that China is not only a big challenge for India, but has also become a major threat for many other countries of the world. In such a situation, many such issues will be discussed in the Conference of Navy Commanders starting today. Defense experts believe that it is going to be around China in the entire conference.

Pressure on Army after the incident of Galvan

Retired Commodore Ranjit B Rai of the Indian Navy, during an exclusive conversation with Dainik Jagran, said that the importance of this conference has increased even more in view of the increased threat to China in the present time. Given the tension that has started in China since April in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh, it is important that we take extra precautions. They also believe that there is a lot of pressure on the army since the Galvan Valley incident. According to him, most of the topics covered in the discussion during this conference are quite secret, but apart from these topics there are some topics which are discussed and brainstormed.

These will be conference issues

He said that a flotilla (consisting of two to three ships) has recently run from China, which has to be spied. As far as India is concerned, the ship of the Indian Navy monitors the ships of the opposing countries going on such missions to see where they are going. During this conference, the operational staff of the Navy will talk between Eastern Command and Chief of Western Command. The most important point of this discussion will be that if China tries to create any kind of trouble in front of Indian Navy then what and how will be answered. Apart from this, the forced shortage of Navy will also be discussed in this conference.

Rotary wing drone to be found

According to Kamador Rai, India is soon going to get rotary wing drone for the Navy. The Navy has been facing such shortages for a long time. At the same time, due to the August Westland scam (AW Scandal), the Navy also suffered a lot and the Navy continued to work on struggling with shortages. To meet this shortfall, the Government of India has approved the purchase of 24 multirole helicopters. These will replace the Seeking Helicopter. According to him, the issue of lack of them has been raised in the Navy Commander’s Conference every time.

Discussion on strengthening Andaman

Apart from this, strengthening of Andaman and Nicobar will also be discussed in this conference. Let us tell you that PM Narendra Modi has already said that India will not be part of any agenda in any case. But it can certainly move ahead in other areas by aligning better with the Navy of other countries. The most important intelligence in this is exchange of information. Japan has joined the United States during the Malabar exercise. Now Australia is also being discussed in this and it is likely that it will also have a share in the future naval exercise.

Kamador Rai said that India is moving ahead on the five power defense arrangement which was there before. He also informed that there may be a major exercise of Navy in Andaman next month. The purpose of this exercise is to know what we all can do against China and how to stop it.

The motive is to stop China from moving forward

One of the objectives of this conference is that we should emphasize those techniques and those things so that we can closely monitor China without coming to the notice of them. According to Kamador Rai, no country wants war. But China can certainly be pressurized by such an exercise. In such a conference, there is a deep brainstorm on all these issues and the existing equipment we have. The things that the Indian Navy needs for the future will also be considered and information will be given to the government as well. He told that the reality of the Navy is known to the Chief of Eastern and Western Command. In this conference there will also be talk on meeting the requirements of the Navy soon. According to him, in view of the needs of the Navy recently, Rs 500 crore has been given to the Vice Chief. In such a situation, both the command will present their needs to them. Apart from this, many highly secretive operations will also be discussed which will never be out She comes. The purpose of this conference is to prevent China from moving forward.


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