The process of suicide of the stars is not taking the name of stopping. On the next day, the news of suicide of a well-known face comes and shock them. A few days ago, the news of the suicide of actor Sameer Sharma came out. This news caused a lot of grief to his near and dear ones. Serial Yeh Rishta Hai Pyaar Ke Fame Pooja Joshi remembered the moments spent with Sameer in a special conversation with Aaj Tak.

He told, “Sameer was my co-star and the experience of working with him was very good, even on the set we used to have fun and there was a very happy atmosphere. Never thought that he had any problem and I am still in shock as to how Sameer took such a big step. ”

Pooja further said, “Sameer and I talked on Instagram during the lockdown. At that time, he was with his sister in Pune and we talked at the start of the shoot but we could not talk much about it, just talked about the shoot. I did not even know when he came to Mumbai and when I got a call that Sameer sued, I could not believe it. We cried a lot I did not know when I last spoke to Sameer on July 20-21. “

It is not right for anyone to be alone

Pooja Joshi lives in Mumbai with her family and Pooja also said that “I feel that we should all live with our families because what loneliness can force a human being to do, we cannot say.” Whether he was Sushant Singh Rajput or Sameer both lived alone and I think if he had a family with him, he would have avoided suicide, loneliness is not good for anyone. “

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