Sadak 2 trailer became fiercely troll, Pooja Bhatt said - thanks to both lovers-haters

Alia Bhatt’s upcoming film Sadak 2 is getting such feedback from the audience that it is trending number 1 on social media. The anger of the people against this film made under the direction of Mahesh Bhatt can be seen clearly. It is rarely seen that the trailer has got more dislikes than like. But Alia’s Sadak 2 has achieved that status.

Sadak 2 getting troll, Pooja Bhatt’s reaction

The anger of the people against the film is so much that even the demand to buy it is being raised. In such a situation, Alia’s sister Pooja Bhatt has reacted to this issue. In a tweet, he has thanked those people due to which the trailer of Sadak 2 is trending. She writes in the tweet – Lovers and haters are only two sides of a coin. I thank both of them because our film is trending because of them. Thanks for all the well wishes. Alia’s mother Soni Razdan also praised this tweet of Pooja. She is telling them exactly right.

Now know that since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, a section of Bollywood is being targeted fiercely. At this time, there is a strong debate in Bollywood about nepotism and star kids like Alia Bhatt are constantly on target. When the poster of Sadak 2 was released, some similar feedback was also seen by the people at that time. In such a situation, now the question has started to arise that whether Alia’s upcoming film is affected or not due to this nepotism debate. Sadak 2 is releasing on Disney Hotstar on 28 August.


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