Sushant father argues in SC - CBI does not need approval to investigate from any state

Thursday is considered very important in Sushant Singh Rajput case. The Supreme Court held an important hearing in connection with this case. During the hearing, many arguments were made from both sides.

Questions raised on Mumbai Police investigation

According to reports, KK Singh, father of Sushant Singh Rajput, has also given written argument before the court. Questions have also been raised on the investigation of Mumbai Police in the plea and the investigation in Bihar in the case has also been said to be correct. According to the written plea, KK Singh has expressed displeasure over the fact that the Mumbai Police did not take any action in February when a complaint was made in connection with Sushant on behalf of the family. It may be known that Sushant’s family had complained to the Mumbai Police on February 19 and 25, but the police claimed that since the complaint has not come in writing, action cannot be taken.

At the same time, questions have also been raised as to why no FIR was filed by the Mumbai Police in the Sushant case. It has been said in the written argument that the circumstances in which Sushant died, were not properly investigated. It has also been said that if the Mumbai Police has done some kind of preliminary investigation, then it could not go on for more than a week. But this did not happen in this case.

Is it correct for Patna Police to investigate?

Now on behalf of Riya Chakraborty it is constantly being said that the investigation of this case should be done in Mumbai itself. On this also, it has been said on behalf of Sushant’s father that under S.178 CrPC, S.179 and S.181 (4), Patna Police has every right to investigate the matter. At the same time, it has also been claimed that CBI can conduct any investigation in the country, there is no need for special approval from any state.

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