Trying to burn three people sitting in a car alive in Vijawada, Andhra Pradesh, fire broke out due to mutual dispute

On Monday, a man allegedly set fire to a car in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Three people have been injured in the accident. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) V Harshvardhan Raju said that the condition of one of the three injured is critical and all are undergoing treatment. According to the police, the search is on for the alleged accused Venugopal Reddy, who fled from the spot after the incident.

Burnt car 

Police said that after getting information about the accident, the fire brigade’s car came and extinguished the fire, but by then the car was burnt down. 

Three people were sitting in the car

Police told news agency ANI that Venugopal Reddy used to do a business business with a man named Gangadhar some time ago. The two used to buy and sell second-hand cars. However, his business was not doing well. Venugopal and Gangadhar got into a debate due to loss of business.

Accused put petrol on car due to dispute 

The DCP reported that Venugopal was trying to talk to his other partner Gangadhar, but he did not respond. However, Gangadhar along with his wife Nagavalli and a friend Krishna Reddy went to a place in Vijayawada to meet Venugopal. The three talked about sitting in the car to solve the case. Shortly after this, the accused Venugopal got out of the car and put petrol on the car and escaped from the spot.

Gangadhar’s statement will be recorded

Gangadhar was taken to Patamata Police Station for a statement. The DCP said the case would be registered after abolishing legal formalities. The matter is currently under investigation.

Let us tell you that this issue has come up at a time when already the country is facing the Corona crisis. Andhra Pradesh is also not untouched by this infected virus.


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