Women inspector in Tamil Nadu set precedent, even after hearing news of father's death, leads parade in Independence Day

An inspector in Tamil Nadu lost his father a day before his independence day. Even after this, he did not allow himself to break up and first paid attention to his country. Even after hearing the news of the father’s death, he firmly led the parade on Independence Day.

Tirunelveli Inspector N Maheshwari’s father died on the night of 14 August. Despite this, he led the Independence Day parade by keeping his misery at the grocery. He did not let the face of sadness come on his independence day. Maheshwari had heard the news of her father’s demise a night earlier, but she has become an example for all, keeping her duty above personal misery. After leading the parade, Maheshwari immediately left for Dingigul to bid her final farewell to her father.

Maheshwari’s father Narayanaswamy was 83. He was ill for a long time due to age related problems. Maheshwari’s husband Balamurugan is in the Intelligence Unit of Tirunelveli City Police. Balamurugan has recently returned to work recovering from Kovid-19. Maheshwari also had to remain quarantined for two weeks. Please tell that Maheshwari was taking care of her children along with the rehearsal of Independence Day Parade.


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