Three people belonging to SDPI have been arrested from Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. The police arrested Dr. Alim, Kamaruddin and Sahibe Alam, who run the medical clinic. In Bahraich, these people have been arrested from the medical clinic located next to the Heera Mosque in the Jarwalroad police station area.

The police have arrested him through social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) on charges of circulating, publicizing images, articles that harm communal harmony and national integrity.

Delhi Police gets a shock, PFI’s Parvez, Ilyas and Danish get bail

It is being told that Sahib Alam is a former officer of the disputed organization PFI among the three people. Additional SP City Kunwar Gyananjay Singh in Bahraich said that SDPI has emerged as a new face of PFI in a way. The strings of SDPI are connected to Kerala.

Mufti Shehzad arrest, PFI’s charge – Police did not reveal the reason for arrest

Additional SP City Kunwar Gyananjaya Singh said that SDPI is involved in the disputed activity. This organization is engaged in disruptive works under the guise of leading the dalits, the exploited and the Muslims. It is feared to be associated with other banned organizations. The police is investigating in the case.

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