84 doctors ate 50 lakh food in 28 days, administration refuses to pay bill

Due to Corona epidemic and lockdown, every class of people is very upset. At the same time, hotel operators are going through trouble due to lockdown in the country. At the same time, in the Aligarh Quarantine Center of Uttar Pradesh, the bill for eating food for 84 doctors in 28 days has come to Rs 50 lakh. Additional Chief Secretary Medical Dr. Rajneesh Dubey was also surprised to see the bill. However, he has refused to pay the bill citing governance.

Hotel operators say that from the electricity bill to the hotel staff are giving regular salary. Now four hotels in the city were opened through the district administration, Palm Tree Development Hotel, in which doctors known as Corona warriors were quarantined. In the four hotels of the city, 84 doctors were stopped for 28 days. The district administration has not given any arrears to any hotel operator since March.

At the same time, President of Hotel Association Manav Mahajan has said that there is an arrear of 50 lakh rupees and the district administration has not been paying since March. He has told that electricity bill has to be deposited as well and the staff also has to pay salary. If the dues are not received as soon as possible, we will also write a letter to the Chief Minister and if necessary, we will also meet.

At the same time, the bill has been sent to Dr. Rajneesh Dubey, Additional Chief Secretary Medical Education through the district administration. If sources are to be believed, the Additional Chief Secretary is surprised to see the bill. He has also refused to pay the bill citing the rule. Also, in future, it has also been said to pay the bill according to the diet of 50 rupees.

‘Governance will not be able to do anything’

On the matter, Aligarh Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Kalyani told, ‘There is no Rs 50 lakh, but whatever is the amount, this issue also came up in the meeting of the Principal Secretary, when he said that the arrangement of money will be given to you Will have to do it himself, the government will not be able to do anything in it. Now we will do something further. Till now we thought that there will be some help from the governance level but it could not be done. Now we will settle this matter from our level.

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