Sourav Ganguly is fondly called Dada. Dada is synonymous with his name in a way. Dada means elder brother in Bengali. From this, it can be estimated that how much Sourav Ganguly is liked in the country, and especially in Bengal. Now before the elections in Bengal, it is believed that Ganguly can join BJP during PM Modi’s rally in Kolkata on 7 March.

With the popularity of Ganguly, it will be easy to get vote for ‌‌BJP
BJP is looking to succeed in trying to bring the most popular actors of Bengal like Prasenjit and Mithun Chakraborty to the party. They too can join BJP only during PM rally. If these three names get added to BJP, then the current political scene of Bengal will change completely, because all three have a huge fan following in Bengal.

Sourav Ganguly also becomes necessary for the BJP because, after the party, there is no such popular face in Bengal, on which the votes can be shared. Dilip Ghosh is at the forefront of the race to become CM, but his popularity is not like these celebs.

Ganguly had been seen as an icon in Bengal since 1996, when he scored a century in his first Test. After becoming the captain of the Indian team in the year 2000, his popularity increased manifold. After taking the Indian team to the World Cup finals in 2003, Sourav became not only the lover of Bengal but also of the country. Ganguly became extremely popular, especially among the youth. His popularity continued in the IPL, playing on behalf of KKR. Then in October 2019 when he became the President of BCCI, it was seen as Bengali pride.

Ganguly’s Nadjikis have come up many times from the BJP, there have been many theories
about his proximity to the BJP. As such, he was seen in the program on the 125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Bose, which was presided over by PM Modi himself. After this, photographs of Ganguly were also revealed with Arniban Ganguly, a BJP think tank in Bengal and with the BJP’s core committee. In December last year, Governor Jagdeep Dhankar also met Sourav. Recently, when he was admitted in the hospital, the Home Minister Amit Shah and PM Modi called and asked for his condition and the BJP leaders of Bengal had reached the hospital to see him.

Expert said- If Ganguly went to BJP, then the victory of the party,
Mamata Banerjee is constantly calling BJP as outsider. Saying that, no one will drive Bengal from Gujarat or Delhi. In such a situation, BJP will get a Bengali icon after Ganguly’s arrival. The issue of external will be over. Ganguly’s popularity will benefit the party across the state. Dr. Vishwanath Chakraborty, professor and election analyst at Ravindra Bharti University, says, “If Ganguly joins BJP, the party’s victory is certain. Then BJP can also bring more than two hundred seats, because there is a lot of love and respect for Saurav in the entire Bengali society.

According to Dr. Vishwanath Chakraborty, if Ganguly does not join the BJP, elections will be difficult for the party, because he does not yet have a leader in Bengal who is popular, who also has a good political and administrative understanding. Dr. Chakraborty said that Sourav has had a good rapport with Home Minister Amit Shah and PM Modi, but so far he has neither refused nor accepted the offer of any party.

The road will be difficult for Mamta, the
Trinamool Congress’s clan is steadily decreasing. All the leaders including Shubhendu Adhikari have left the party in the past. One of the biggest challenges that the BJP has become for TMC can be gauged from the fact that the Trinamool has now announced a crore of rupees for the co-ordinators who lead. The party has told all its co-ordinators in Kolkata that the candidate may or may not be of your choice, do not have any disputes with him and try to get him a lead in your area.

Here Mamata Banerjee has announced to contest from Nandigram and she will probably have Shubhendu officer in front of her, whose hold on Nandigram is very strong. In such a situation, if the BJP gets along with Sourav, then it will be very difficult for Mamata to win the election.

Right now the daughter of Trinamool Bengal is running the campaign, but this campaign of Trinamool will not have any effect after Ganguly joined BJP. Saurav is popular, as well as the immaculate image. A strict administrator is also considered. In such a situation, BJP will get a break of Mamata Banerjee’s clean image.

BJP is still refraining from speaking to the media,
even though Sourav is believed to be joining the BJP, but the party still seems to be avoiding opening his mouth in front of the media. BJP’s chief spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya said, “Ganguly is a very good player and an icon of Bengal. His health is poor so he is resting. We wish that they get well soon and get back to practice on the field again, because it is very important for a player to practice.

Bhattacharya says, “I am not yet aware of whether Ganguly has been invited for the PM’s rally or not, but he would be welcome if he considers coming back when he is in good health.”

BJP has said that CM will be Bengali.
BJP is continuously saying that CM will be Bengali only if the party gets majority in Bengal. Now there are reports that Dilip Ghosh will be the CM if BJP wins and two deputy CMs will be made on the lines of UP. Which may contain a Sourav Ganguly. Election analyst Dr. Vishwanath Chakraborty says that most of the BJP leaders are coming to Bengal and trying for polarization. The people of Bengal do not like it. For this reason, crowds in the meetings of Nitin Gadkari, JP Nadda, Viplav Dev are steadily decreasing.

According to Dr. Chakraborty, if the BJP talks about good governance here and arouses confidence in the people, then it can definitely benefit, because unemployment is very high in the state. Political killings have become common. According to senior Bengal journalist Pulkesh Ghosh, even if Ganguly joins BJP, the party cannot be guaranteed victory. The seat on which they will fight will be affected only by that seat and the seats around it. Now what Ganguly decides is a big question right now.


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