The cases of corona infection are increasing rapidly in Uttar Pradesh. Even though Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has formed Team-11 to deal with the corona and provide better treatment to the patients, there are constant questions about the government’s arrangements in the state. Not only the opposition but also the MPs and MLAs of the ruling party are raising questions. Former Minister and BJP MLA Anupama Jaiswal has written a letter to the District Magistrate regarding the poor condition of Bahraich District Hospitals.

BJP MLA Anupama Jaiswal has told the District Magistrate that the arrangements for masks, sanitizers etc. of patients admitted in Bahraich’s District Hospital and Chittaura isolation ward are not being taken care of. It has also been said that the food being given to the corona patients is also being given low quality and poor quality, which is not edible. The BJP MLA said that the MP has also written a letter to the Chief Minister in this regard. He asked the District Magistrate to take appropriate action after examining it and provide healthy and quality food to the patients.

BJP MP from Bahraich, Akshaywarlal Gond, also raised questions about irregularities in the food being served to corona patients in district hospitals. For this, he had written a letter to the Chief Minister accusing Bahraich CMO of tarnishing the image of the government. The MP had said that the government has made arrangements to provide nutritious food to the patients admitted for the treatment of Corona. Despite this, poor quality food is being given to the patients admitted in the isolation ward at Alvan Hospital and District Hospital in Chittora block.

The MP wrote a letter to the CM and said that the patients admitted were not getting proper medical care. Irregularities in their eating and drinking are being done. Due to the misbehavior of the CMO, the image of the government is getting tarnished. The MP demanded action from the CM taking cognizance of the case. The MP said that many times when the complaints of people came, it was talked to the CMO. Despite this, Corona patients are not getting better facilities.

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