Boeing has issued an advisory to airline companies to halt the flight of the 777 jet plane fitted with the engine of Pratt & Whitney’s PW4000 model. This weekend, a part of the plane, including the engine of a Boeing 777 included in the United Airlines fleet, collapsed and fell over Denver. US regulators have announced a thorough investigation into the matter, while a flight equipped with this engine has been banned in Japan.

United Airlines to join the fleet of 52 Boeing 777 aircraft , including the flight of 24 temporarily closed

United Airlines had announced the temporary closure of 24 of the 52 planes with its fleet of Pratt and Whitney KK engines in the fleet even before Boeing’s advisory was issued. Boeing has been advised by airline companies not to fly the 777 plane with that engine until the standard screening process is released. On May 25, 1995, United Airlines took its first delivery of the Boeing 777.

Boeing 777s advised not to fly are old and very jet fuel eaters.

Initial investigation into the incident found that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) of the US found that the most damage occurred in the right engine, with the rest of the plane suffering minor damage. Boeing 777s with Pratt & Whitney engines that have been advised not to fly are old and very jet fuel eaters and are being gradually phased out by airline companies.

Japan government tells JAL and ANA Holding Inc. to stop Boeing’s flight

Japan’s Transport Ministry has asked Japan Airlines (JAL) and ANA Holding Inc. to stop flying Boeing with PW4000 engines. According to the ministry, on December 4 last year, a plane of JAL going to Tokyo was landed back at Naha Airport due to a left engine malfunction. ANA has 19 such planes while JAL is operating 13 planes. JAL has reported that the Boeing 777 in its fleet is scheduled to retire in March 2022.

Boeing 777s in United’s fleet in the United States, flying out of Japan and South Korea only

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Boeing 777s with Pratt and Witney in the US are the only fleet of United and flying out of the country to Japan and South Korea. The FAA says that in preliminary investigations it has come to the conclusion that the engine check interval should be reduced. Pratt & Witney has stated that it is in talks with plane operators and regulators for support in the new system of engine testing.

Korean Airlines has 16 planes , of which 6 are flying and 10 are in stores.

Korean Airlines has reported that it has 16 Boeing 777s, 10 of which are in stores. She will talk to the authorities concerned about their flight. A South Korean transport ministry official said a decision in the matter would be made after the FAA took official steps. The Federal Aviation Administration has said that it will soon issue emergency guidelines regarding whether the planes are worth flying.

In February 2018, a Boeing 777 engine from United Airlines flying to Honolulu failed.

In February 2018, its engine failed when a Boeing 777 crashed its cover 30 minutes before landing at Honolulu Airport. The NTSB found in its investigation that the accident was caused by the fan’s blade breaking. After this, Pratt & Whitney checked all PW4000 engine fans. In March 2019, the FAA issued guidelines to check the wings of this engine at short intervals.


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