Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has invested $ 1 million (about 7.5 crore) in Gurugram’s Hapramp company. Hapramp is a startup company that works in sectors such as blockchain and social media. The startup was founded in 2018 by five students of IIT Vadodara. Anand Mahindra tweeted on Wednesday, “Finally after two years I found the startup company I was looking for! Hapramp is an indigenous company, formed by five young founders. This company is taking creativity, technology as well as data protection together. Look at their social networking platform GoSocial.”

Anand Mahindra invested 1 million dollars in Hapramp know which business this company

In 2018, Mahindra announced via Twitter that it could invest in an Indian social media startup that met certain conditions. He asked Jaspreet Anand Mahindra, a former Mahindra official, to work closely with him to find the next generation of Indian social network startups.

Anand Mahindra said that Hapramp’s team is developing a Web 3.0 social network. It is being developed on the basis of emerging digital technology, solid business model, rewards for content creators and security of personal information. Anand Mahindra said that it is good for everyone as it is being developed here in India.

Apart from the social networking platform GoSocial, Hapramp also operates It is a social media platform based on Steam blockchain.

Shubendra Vikram, co-founder and CEO of Hapramp said in this context, “We are feeling very honored, as well as very excited.” This is a big recommendation to our mission to get the creators a proper right to their content. Our plan is to expand our platform through this fund and we want to empower the creators. ‘

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