Ashok Gehlot Said On Rajasthan Political Crisis - I Am The Chief Minister And I Will Remain

The political crisis in Rajasthan is not yet averted. Meanwhile, the command of Rajasthan Congress has been handed over to Govind Singh Dotasara. At the ceremony of taking over Govind Singh, Ashok Gehlot said, ‘I am the Chief Minister and I will be the Chief Minister. The way the government is trying to destabilize the government in Rajasthan by using money power with the help of the central government, it is in front of the public.

Gehlot further said, ‘At a time when there is a question of saving lives, a conspiracy is being hatched to topple the government. How can the central government get a free hand even at such a time that after Karnataka, conspiracy is being hatched in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. All our warrior MLAs are together for the last 15 days. Whether it is 21 days or 31 days will stay together and victory will be ours.

Telephones are no longer available to legislators – Gehlot

Ashok Gehlot said, ‘When the file of the cabinet proposal goes to Raj Bhavan, then the job of the governor is only to approve it. For the first time in the history of 70 years, a governor has behaved in this way. This game was to be held before the Rajya Sabha elections. But if we came to know, we thwarted it.

The CM of Rajasthan said, ’95 million people have supported the Speak Up for Democracy campaign. The governor is a good person, but now at whose behest he is working that you also understand, we also understand, the public also understands.

Praising the encouragement of the MLAs, Gehlot said, ‘Telephones do not come to legislators for any purpose. Rather the public would say that you stay frozen and win this battle I am responsible for meeting this 1-month deficit of MLAs. When the coronation is over, a big conference of the Congress will be held in Jaipur under the leadership of the President.

I am going to the Governor to drink tea- Ashok Gehlot

Ashok Gehlot said, ‘In 50 years, the hotel has not gone as much as it has to stay. Having been PCC President thrice, my soul still keeps wandering here. In this, the government should also be criticized, the organization should be criticized and the workers should be heard. Nowadays our habbit of listening to criticism is over. Criticism is also important in a democracy. The love letter has already arrived, I am going to the Governor to drink tea now.

CM of Rajasthan said, ‘Those who have cheated the party, apologize to the high command. The decision of the High Command will be accepted by us. We want those people not to break the trust of the people. Now there is a great danger to democracy. Those workers who have not put on masks, sit on masks.

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