Ayodhya: Time Capsule Will Be Put 200 Feet Down In The Foundation Of Ram Temple

Preparations for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya are in full swing. The program of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s participation in Bhoomi Pujan for the construction of the temple on August 5 has been finalized. The process of bringing water of holy rivers and holy soil of pilgrimage sites for Bhoomi Pujan has also started. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to establish a Mana (40 kg) silver stone in the foundation of Ram temple.

Now the news is that a time capsule will also be put in the temple foundation. This time capsule will be put 200 feet down in the foundation of the temple. It is being called a call letter. The information that will be inserted in this call letter, will be written on the copper sheet. People associated with the Ram Mandir movement say that to prove the history of Ram Janmabhoomi, as long as the battle has to be fought from the sessions court to the Supreme Court, such a situation should never come again in the future, to put a time capsule A decision has been taken.

Those associated with the temple movement tell that whenever in the future, whenever anyone wants to see the history of the temple, facts will come out along with the history of the struggle of Ram Janmabhoomi. Kameshwar Chaupal, a member of the Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, said in this regard that the decision to put time capsules in the foundation of the temple was also taken so that no dispute could arise again in future. The time capsule will contain the history of the temple and in the coming time will testify that this land belongs to the grand Ram temple.

The time capsule is like a container of metal, which is made in a specific way. The time capsule is able to protect itself under all types of weather and in all kinds of circumstances. It is kept very deep inside the ground.

Despite being deep enough, he does not cause any harm, nor does he rot. The purpose of putting a time capsule anywhere is to preserve the history of a society, period or country. So that future generations can get help in knowing about a particular era, society and country.

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