Ayodhya's appearance will change as soon as Ram temple construction starts

August 5 will be a historic day when Bhoomi Pujan will be done at Ramjanmabhoomi through Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With this, construction work of the grand Ram temple will begin in Ayodhya. At the same time, people living in the city of Prabhu Ram hope that with the start of construction work of the country’s largest religious tourist place, there will be a tremendous change in the economy of the district. With this, the income of those who make lamps, those who sell flowers and offerings outside temples will increase.

The potter Ashok Kumar, who lives in Jaisinghpur village, says that on the day of Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya, Ram’s Paadi and other places will be illuminated with a lamp. For this, 40 potter families living in the village have received orders to make 1.5 lakh lamps. More orders can be received in the coming days.

While talking to Aaj Tak, Ashok said that since the Yogi Adityanath government has come in the state, his income has also increased since then. Last year in Ayodhya, for the grand event of Diwali, the potters of their village got orders to make five lakh diyas. In the year 2018 also three lakh diyas were made through villagers. They hope that as soon as the construction of Ram temple starts, religious programs will be more in Ayodhya, in which lamps will be needed.

Income increased

Rakesh Prajapati, who lives in the village, is also a potter, who says that since Yogi Adityanath’s government came to power in the state, his income has also increased and he has also been receiving orders for making diyas for the Deepotsav program during Diwali.

Not only this, he says that before the corona epidemic, about two to three thousand three thousand lamps were sent to Ayodhya every month for religious programs. He hopes that the situation will improve further. As soon as the construction work of Ram temple starts, more religious programs will be organized in the number of devotees, so that they will get more work.
Sunil Gupta, who has set up a prasad shop outside the famous Hanumangarhi temple in Ayodhya, says that he is very excited about the Bhoomi Pujan program and the people of the city will also benefit financially from the construction of the temple. Sunil Gupta from Aaj Tak said that due to the Corona epidemic, work is still a little low as a large number of devotees from other districts are not coming for darshan, but in future, the situation will be better and crores of people will come to Ayodhya to visit the temple.

Businessmen will benefit

At the same time, Anand Saini, who has set up a flower shop, says that once the construction of the temple starts, Lord Ram’s blessings will be given to the people of Ayodhya. All small businessmen doing business in religious city will also be benefited. At the same time, if the sources are to be believed, as soon as the construction of the temple starts, the government will try to develop Ayodhya as the biggest religious tourist destination. Therefore, development works will be expedited. Due to investment in Ayodhya in the coming time, new employment opportunities will also be created for the people of the district.

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