Bihar: LJP will bring vision document before the election the situation of conflict in NDA

Before the Bihar Assembly elections, there is a constant confrontation situation in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The Lok Janshakti Party will bring its vision document in the name of Bihar First, Bihari First, within a week of the announcement of Bihar assembly elections.

Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) has been making a vision document of Bihar for the past one year by taking suggestions from about 4 lakh people from thousands of villages in Bihar. It has been named Bihar First, Bihari First Vision Document 2020.

LJP President Chirag Paswan constituted a 7-member committee to create a vision document in February. Its purpose was to discuss the suggestions of the people and include them so that the lost identity of Bihar can be brought back to the path of development.

One of its objectives was to give the Lok Janshakti Party a direction so that it can tell the people of Bihar before the upcoming assembly elections what their road map is for the development of the state and making Bihar first.

In the vision document of LJP, the focus will be on how to stop migration from Bihar based on the suggestions received regarding tourism, education, health sector and law and order. Along with this, a vision document will also be made to create a separate ministry for the protection of migrants and floods.

LJP and JDU’s relationship

It is certain that the distance between the JDU and the Lok Janshakti Party will be transformed into a gap by bringing the vision document before the assembly elections. In this, the BJP will have to work on a large scale. Meaning, Bihar election is going to be more exciting than last time.

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