A video on social media is becoming very viral, in which an RJD MLA is seen bathing in the waterfall with his colleagues. The case is from Tilothu in Rohtas district where RJD MLA from Karakat Sanjay Yadav is seen taking bath in the group along with his colleagues. Sanjay Yadav has told that he had come to see the temple sitting with his companions in vehicles. The incident is on Tuesday.

Bihar: RJD MLAs bathed in the waterfall with friends stripped of social distancing

The rule of creating social distance while taking bath with your colleagues in the group is being severely stripped. According to the information, Sanjay Yadav along with his companions went to visit the Tutla Bhavani temple located in the hills of Rohtas district and during this time went to take a bath with his companions in a waterfall located in the same area.

RJD MLA arrived with supporters in vehicles

Sanjay Yadav said, ‘Today I was very happy to see the Tootla Bhavani temple. I wish that this temple will be rejuvenated when Tejashwi Yadav becomes the Chief Minister. If the stunning Chief Minister is not made, then for the rejuvenation of this temple, I will sit outside the Chief Minister’s residence. I have come with my supporters in 15-20 vehicles to see this temple.

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