Kalraj Mishra

Kalraj Mishra

Political mercury continues to heat up in Rajasthan. On the one hand, while Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is demanding Governor Kalraj Mishra to convene the assembly session, on the other hand, the Rajasthan BJP delegation reached Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Kalraj Mishra.

In Rajasthan, the Gehlot government is demanding the governor to call an assembly session. Meanwhile, BJP is also very active in the state. Now many big leaders of the state BJP reached Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Kalraj Mishra. These included Rajasthan BJP state president Satish Poonia, leader of opposition Gulab Chand Kataria and deputy leader Rajendra Rathore in the assembly.

At the same time, the BJP delegation has given a memorandum to Governor Kalraj Mishra for prevention of corona virus. After coming out of the Raj Bhavan, BJP state president Satish Poonia said that it is the right of the governor to call the assembly. What did the people of Congress want to forcefully sign after coming to Raj Bhavan. Even today, the state has been staged in violation of the Pandemic Act. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is pushing Rajasthan into anarchy.

Leader of Opposition Gulabchand Kataria said that it is right that if the cabinet makes a proposal and asks them to call the house, then the governor agrees. But the Chief Minister himself has not written when he wants to call and the method adopted for this is going to tarnish Rajasthan.

Kataria said, ‘So we said that the way Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has used the words for the Raj Bhavan, the CRPF should now protect the Raj Bhavan. You will sit on the Governor’s chest and celebrate yourself, where have you learned this behavior?

Kataria said that just as the situation of constitutional conflict is prevailing in Rajasthan, we said that we give responsibility to the governor to handle the situation of the state. Why the Chief Minister wants to call the House, he has not told the Governor and is making false statements outside. The government has the right to demand that the assembly session be called, but cannot be forced.

At the same time, Deputy Leader in the Assembly Rajendra Rathore said that the Congress Government had postponed the Assembly saying that corona is a virus. Can not run the assembly and now they are saying to run the assembly. At the same time, the BJP’s memorandum has mentioned that the Chief Minister’s statement expresses his inability to provide security to the Raj Bhavan. This is a direct attempt to terrorize the Raj Bhavan.

Let me tell you that since the rebellion of Congress leader Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan, the Gehlot government has been facing a crisis. Many Congress MLAs are in support of Sachin Pilot. At the same time, CM Ashok Gehlot along with his pro-MLAs also reached the Raj Bhavan in Rajasthan to protest. Gehlot demands that an early assembly session be called.


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