BJP MP of UP gave 25 lakhs for ventilator, now written - do not know where the money went?

Bharatiya Janata Party MP Jayaprakash Rawat of Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh has targeted social work through social media. Apart from this, BJP MLAs were also seen expressing their pain on social media. Both MPs and MLAs appeared targeting the government system. Comment on the Facebook post of MP and MLA remains a matter of discussion.

In fact, in the comment box on the account of a Facebook user, Hardoi MP of Bharatiya Janata Party Jayaprakash objected to the issue of MP fund given to buy ventilator. He has written that since it has been ordered from above that officers should work with their discretion, then who will listen to us. He has also written that we never felt such helplessness during our 30-year tenure.

On this Facebook post, BJP MLA Shyam Prakash from Gopamau in Hardoi district, who had earlier commented on his own government, has written that while talking about commissioning, all the commissions of bribe were lost. At the same time, a Facebook user wrote that when there is no count, then resign. However, on the comment made on Facebook post, BJP MPs are refusing to speak anything on the matter. He says that he questioned the system.

Actually, BJP MP from Hardoi Jayaprakash Rawat gave 25 lakh rupees for the purchase of ventilator from his fund during the period of corona virus. On the other hand, a Facebook user Priyam Mishra, a supporter of Hardoi MP, raised the issue of purchasing ventilator from MP and MLA fund on the issue of ventilator, wrote that if the money given by MP and MLA from his fund, Hardoi district hospital If you install a ventilator machine, then people will get relief after corona.

Commenting on this same post, Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Gopamau, Shyam Prakash wrote, “The sub commission has gone to Khori.” After the comment of the MLA, Bharatiya Janata Party MP Jayaprakash also commented, ‘I gave my fund on condition that the ventilator be purchased but it did not happen, where the fund went is not known.’

After that he then addressed a user named Tripresh Mishra, wrote, ‘When it will be instructed from above that the officer should act at his discretion, then who will listen to us, we never felt such helplessness in our thirty years’ tenure.’ On the same post, in a comment on this post, BJP’s district vice-president Rajesh Agnihotri also replied that valid information should be given that 12 ventilators are active in Kovid Hospital.

Although MP Jayaprakash lives mostly in Lucknow. He refused to speak in front of the camera on the matter and said that he had spoken about the lack of the system. On this Facebook post, a user even wrote that when they are not counted then why not resign.

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