The Health Regulatory Authority of Canada has approved the use of Johnson & Johnson’s Corona vaccine Janssen in the country. This information has been given to the news agency AP by an official associated with this case. However, this officer is not authorized to give information about this, so he did not reveal his name.

Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines are currently being used in Canada. Janssen is the fourth vaccine to be approved in Canada. The specialty of this vaccine is that only one dose is given. Health experts are excited for another option to increase the speed of vaccination in the country. Like many countries, the vaccine is not produced in Canada. This country is struggling with a shortage of vaccines. Canada has signed a 10 million dose deal for Johnson & Johnson.

The number of patients exceeds 11.64 crore, the number
of corona patients in the world has exceeded 11.64 crore. Over 920 million people have been cured. So far, more than 25 lakh 84 thousand people have lost their lives. Within the last 24 hours, 4.51 lakh new corona infects were identified in the world and more than 10 thousand patients died during treatment. These figures are according to

Lockdown extended for 2 weeks in
Japan Virus emergency has been increased for two weeks in Tokyo and adjoining city of Japan. Meaning, there will be many restrictions during this period. Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga said that the number of corona patients in Tokyo and surrounding cities was steadily increasing. There is a shortage of beds in hospitals. In view of this, the virus emergency is being extended till 21 March. This will facilitate the preparation of medical facilities.

The Prime Minister said that Japan has never imposed a mandatory lockdown. Therefore everyone should follow the rules. Do not get too crowded in one place, follow social distancing, face mask. Get out of the house only when necessary.

The photo is from the city of Tokyo, Japan. Medical worker applying Corona vaccine here. The number of corona infections has begun to rise again in Japan.
The photo is from the city of Tokyo, Japan. Medical worker applying Corona vaccine here. The number of corona infections has begun to rise again in Japan.
In Brazil, all restaurants, stores will remain closed until March 18
Corona cases in Brazil have increased significantly. In view of this, the government has started strict restrictions here. An order has been issued to close all the restaurants, bars, non-essential stores in the country till 19 March. According to local media, the spread of infection has started to increase rapidly due to new variants of Corona in the country. For the last few days, there has been an increase in the number of deaths occurring here every day.
Corona updates

Strict restrictions will be implemented in Hungary next week. All schools and non-essential stores will remain closed during this period. People have been advised not to leave the house when necessary.
The Government of Germany has approved the use of the Corona vaccine of Oxford-AstraZeneca. This vaccine will be given to people 65 years of age and above. Earlier, the government panel rejected the vaccine for emergency use.
The French government said on Thursday that by mid-April the vaccine would be delivered to the country’s population of more than 10 million. Till then the country will remain under lockdown. People have to do their work with restrictions.
Top 10 countries, where most people have been infected so far


Infected The deaths Healed
America 29,529,369 533,680 20,094,343
India 11,190,651 157,689 10,851,094
Brazil 10,796,506 261,188 9,637,020
Russia 4,301,159 88,285 3,885,321
UK 4,201,358 124,025 3,096,564
France 3,835,595 87,835 262,690
Spain 3,142,358 70,501 2,722,304
Italy 3,023,129 99,271 2,467,388
Turkey 2,746,158 28,839 2,601,137
Germany 2,487,749 72,107 2,292,100


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