Congress campaign for Kafeel's release, is there a sign of changed politics?

Thirty years ago, because of the Ram temple movement in Uttar Pradesh, when the Muslim community broke away from the Congress, then the party also fell away from power. During this period, the Congress continued to face the exile of power in the state and the Muslim community also sometimes felt cheated by going to the SP and sometimes with the BSP. Now that the work of constructing a grand Ram temple is starting in Ayodhya, the Congress has started a campaign for the release of Dr. Kafeel Khan of the jailed Gorakhpur to win the heart of the Muslim community.

The Congress has started the campaign to release Dr. Kafeel Khan. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has written a letter to CM Yogi Adityanath on Thursday, requesting the release of Dr. Kafeel. Priyanka said that he has spent more than 450 days in jail. Dr. Kafeel has served people selflessly in difficult situations. In such a situation, you will try to give justice to Dr. Cuffill by giving introduction to being sensitive. With this, Priyanka Gandhi also reminded Yogi Adityanath’s mantra of his Guru Gorakhnath.

The Congress has started an exercise to help the Muslim community to return to Uttar Pradesh. For this, Uttar Pradesh Minority Department of Congress has started a 15-day campaign for the release of Dr. Kafeel. Congress workers are going door-to-door in Muslim-dominated areas of the state and signing with Muslims. For this, a target has been set to get 10 thousand people signed from each district. After this, sending a memorandum from the District Officer to the Governor will demand the release of Kafeel.

Along with the signature campaign, Congress workers are making a two-minute video from students, youths, alimos, maulonas, businessmen Sajjada Nashin on social media for the release of Dr. Kafeel. Muslim community will demand release of Kafeel through this video. Congress has set a target of at least 100 video messages from every district of the state.

After this, the Congress has set a target of praying for the release of Kafeel in at least five madrasas in every district. Apart from this, the people of the Congress Minority Committee will go to the mausoleums of the town, district and village and offer a chadar and work to pray. Not only this, a sheet will be offered on behalf of Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. On August 5 and 6 after Bakrid, the campaign will be carried out by the Congress leaders in their district. Apart from this, Congress leaders will go to hospitals and donate blood.

Muslim politics in UP

Let us know that about 20 percent Muslim voters are in Uttar Pradesh. Out of 403 assembly seats in the state, 143 seats are considered Muslim influenced. Of these 70 seats have Muslim population between twenty to thirty percent while 73 seats are such where Muslims are more than thirty percent. When the SP came to power in 2012, it won 72 Muslim majority seats. At the same time, in 2017, BJP was successful in feeding lotus on Muslim dominated seats.

Congress keeps an eye on its old vote bank

The Congress is eyeing the votes of these Muslim communities, on whose own power they have ruled the state for more than four decades. Now the Congress has started the exercise of reconnecting its traditional voters. In this episode, she is also busy in her penetration from Muslims to Dalits and Brahmins. The Congress was the most vocal against the deaths and arrests of people during the CAA-NRC protests. Priyanka Gandhi went to the protestors’ house and met and provided legal help to them.

The Congress is also vocal about the oppression of Dalits in the state. From Priyanka Gandhi to Congress state president Ajay Kumar Lallu are continuously raising voice about Dalit oppression. Priyanka Gandhi had raised the matter of tribal community in Sonbhadra the most and reached the village and met people. Apart from this, even after Vikas Dubey’s encounter recently, Priyanka Gandhi had questioned the Yogi government. In this way, the Congress is working on the strategy of not only Muslims but also Dalits and Brahmins, because in one round, with the help of these three vote banks, the Congress ruled unopposed in UP.

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